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Ms Aviva Dunsiger shares impressions of her six graders' day with Geometro in her blog.

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  Elementary and Montessori teachers
  • I liked how your presentation shows the progression of the platonic solids and other 3D solids that can be made as well as the connections you made between the math, art, science, and history. Thank you.
Sharon Klippert
Math Coach, Glenview Elementary, North Little Rock, AR
  • Having run various enrichment workshops for the gifted, it was evident that students thoroughly enjoyed working with Geometro and exploring 3D geometry. These hands on learning materials motivated the students to further explore math concepts and math origins.

Nina Cantelmi-Cicchi & Veronica Coady

Resource Teachers, Gifted Education, Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board
  • I have used Dr. Skowron's geometric shapes a number of times in my Grade 4 and 5 classes. Math manipulatives are very powerful learning component in the Ontario math curriculum and these items contributed to building high interest in Math, self-motivation, self-direction and solid learning in the children.
Mrs. M.T. Stirling

Teacher, Holy Name of Mary School, Ancaster


  • As a classroom teacher who has worked with Aniceta Skowron on several occasions to promote interest and curiosity in Science, I highly recommend the Geometro program and activities available to classroom teachers and their students.
Fern Giannotti
Grade 3 Classroom teacher
  • I attended your workshop at the American Montessori Conference in Boston. This was a very exciting and mind challenging workshop.
Peggy Ward
Pittsburgh, PA 15202
  • This manipulative and visual set of materials follows the children's need of learning through their hands and senses. The students are able to experience the exploration and the creation of various geometric solids. 3-dimensional geometry can be quite abstract when represented on paper. This see-through set of materials allows better examination and understanding of the solids, their symmetries and characteristics.
  Dr. Sylvie G. Kacmarcik

The Whole Earth Montessori School, Bothell, Washington, USA


  Teachers of the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • As a math consultant for the Iowa Statewide Vision Services, I have found the Geometro products to be invaluable to our students with visual impairments. They find it so much easier to understand the concepts of 3-dimensional geometry and many Geometry teachers are excited about how it helps all of their students, not just the ones with visual impairments.

Sara Larkin

Math Consultant, Iowa Statewide Vision Services, Vinton, IA 52349

  • Taking your workshop with Geometro was absolutely wonderful!  It gave me another perspective to look at when teaching the visually impaired and it gave me new ideas and ways to teach them concepts that are very difficult for them to grasp.


Linda Peters


Spec. Ed. Teache, DOCS

  • Your sequential approach seemed to model the importance of the approach we would employ with our students and children.  Geometro manipulatives are a natural fit for blind and low vision students . 
Elizabeth Dunton

Principal - Resource Services and Short Term Placements W. Ross Macdonald School for the BlindBrantford Ontario


  • The ability to create 3D shapes from cubes to dodecahedrons is at your fingertips. I highly recommend attending workshop anytime it is offered in your area.
Michael Mancini

Vision Resource Teacher, Hamilton-Wentworth, Catholic District School Board

  • I have discovered that the Geometro is great for all students. Now you can have a visually impaired student working beside a sighted student. The kit makes learning two and three dimensional shapes fun and much easier.
  Joe DiFazio

Specialist Teacher of the Blind and Low Vision, Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board

  • ... I REALLY think your velcro manipulatives are fantastic!! I've attached a slide from one of my recent PowerPoints showing off several of my students enjoying them - look at those smiles!

Susan Osterhaus

Statewide Mathematics Consultant, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Austin, Texas


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