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  Training video
  NEW! GS10 Cylinder and Cone
  GS16 Mini Set
  GS22 Medium Set
  GS56 Big Set
  NEW! GS8 Variety Set
  Pack of 6 Triangles
  Pack of 6 Squares
  Pack of 6 Pentagons
  Pack of 6 Hexagons
  Pack of 6 Octagons
  Pack of 12 Decagons
  Pack of 6 Rectangles
  Pack of 6 Isosc Triangles
  NEW!Pack of 6 Large Equilateral Triangles
  NEW!Pack of 6 Trapezoids
  Pack of magnetic connectors
  Pack of Velcro rods
  Pack of plastic rods
  Pack of edge&vertex markers
  NEW!Three Square Mirrors
  NEW!Square Fragments
  NEW!Pack of paper clips with velcro
  Geometro Workbook-1, Building 3-D Solids
  Geometro Workbook-2, Nets of 3-D Solids
  Geometro Workbook-3, Regular Solids and Tiles




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