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Student workbook kit  



  Training video
  Contains 2 DVD disks with 90 minutes of video training. Suggested for teachers and parents.

Geometro training video

GS10 Cylinder and Cone set NEW!
Contains 10 pieces: 6 circles, 2 rectangles, 2 circle fragments  
Cylinder and cone
Price: $125.00



GS56 Big-set
Contains 56 pieces: 24 triangles, 12 squares, 12 pentagons and 8 hexagons  
Big Geometro set
Price: $256.00



GS22 Medium-set
Contains 22 pieces: 12 triangles, 6 squares, 2 pentagons and 2 hexagons  
Medium Geometr set
Price: $86.00



GS16 Mini-set
Contains 16 pieces: 8 triangles, 6 squares, 2 pentagons  
Mini Geometro set
Price: $62.00



GS8 Variety set NEW!
Contains 8 pieces: 2 decagons, 2 octagons, 2 large equilateral triangles, 2 trapezoids  
variety set
Price: $81.00



Pack of 6 triangles
Pack of 6 isosceles trangles
Pack of 6 large tranglesNEW!
Pack of 6 triangles
Pack of 6 isosceles triangles
large triangles
Price: $20.00
Price: $32.00
Price: $42.00



Pack of 6 squares
Pack of 6 rectangles
Pack of 6 trapezoidsNEW!
Pack of 6 squares
Pack of 6 rectangles
Price: $30.50
Price: $39.00
Price: $ 40.00



Pack of 6 pentagons
Pack of 6 hexagons
Pack of 6 octagons
Pack of 6 pentagons
Pack of 6 hexagons
Pack of 6 octagons  
Price: $40.00
Price: $49.50
Price: $83.00



Pack of 12 decagons
  Pack of 6 decagons    
Price: $173.00
Pack of 2 pairs of connectors
Pack of 3 velcro rods
Pack of 10 plastic rods
Magnetic connectors
Pack of velcro rods
Pack of plastic rods
Price: $6.00
Price: $23.00
Price: $12.00



Pack of 30 edge & 20 vertex markers
Three mirrors NEW!
Square fragments NEW!
Pack of velcro markers
three mirrors
cut squares
Price: $12.00
Price: $ 35.00
Price: $ 40.00



Pack of 10 pairs of paper clips with velcro
paper clips with velcro
Price: $7.00



Student Workbooks



Book - building 3-D solids   Book-Nets of 3D solids   Book-Regular Solids and Tiles
"Building 3-D Solids" (GWB-1)   "Nets of 3-D Solids" (GWB-2)   "Regular Solids and Tiles" (GWB-3)

Suggested for grades 1-3 for guided building, simple description and basic drawing of pyramids, prisms and other fun solids. Students strengthen visualization and motor skills.


Suggested for grades 4-5 for investigating nets that can, or cannot be folded into pyramids and prisms. Students strengthen visualization and spatial skills.

  Suggested for grades 6-7 for building and investigating platonic solids. Students follow one simple rule and discover how to construct five regular solids and three tiles.
Price: $24.50
Price: $24.50
Price: $ 24.50


Student Workbook Kit

Contains: manipulatives (rod models and magnetic tiles), magnetic board, tactile pages, teacher guide and manual, storage binder

  Geometro Student Workbook Kit is available from the American Printing House for the Blind, APH
rod models set

Designed for elementary students to explore general properties of 3D solids and to relate solids to their 2D drawings and nets

rod modelsrod square pyr
net drawing



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