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  Geometro for vision impaired students
  Suan Osterhaus, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Nets of 3 Platonic solids
octahedron   cube


Geometro for elementary and secondary students
Models for geometry problems
pyramid with heightPyramid with section markedcube with diagonal triangle
tactlile drawing of nets

How to understand drawings of 3-D solids

rod modelsrod square pyr
Oblique prisms
square prism with strawssquare prism oblique

Volume of solids

Cylider and cone

Oblique prism

cone filledoblique cube with ruler

Diagonals and directions in solids

diagonals in pent prismA cube with two skew edges marked with velcro rods showing skew edges
Perspectives of solids - orthographic drawings
projectionsorthogonal projections
Cross sections
cube section trapezpentagonal pyr section pent
Conic sections
cone section parabolacylinder sec rectangle
Twisted solids
twisted square prismcylinder twisted
Rotation symmetry
cube rotation axis 4cube rotation axis 3cube rotation axis 2
Reflection symmetry
cube reflected two mirrors




Geometro Training Video

Simple solids - pyramids, prisms and more

Video samples:

Simple 3-D solids

Some concepts in touchable way

Video samples:

Net of a cube  
Platonic solids and regular tiles Making Platonic Solids  
Archimedean solids - truncation of Platonic solids Truncation of tetrahedron  
Skeletons of Platonic solids Skeletons of Platonic solids  
Dual pairs Duals to simple solids  
Archimedean solids - merge of dual pairs Transformation of Platonic solids  
More Archimedean solids Archimedean Solid  
Space filling with polyhedra Space filling with polyhedra  
Chemistry of carbon and 3-D geometry Buckminsterfullerine  
Selected crystal structures Zeolite structure  





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